Earth to BOSCO?! If my calculations are correct, she’s just arrived in outer space and won’t be taking any phone calls until further notice. If we search between the layers of her creative abilities and into the core of the artist on a planet of her own, we find a musician who knows exactly what she wants. As mysterious as she is talented, to understand Brittany Bosco we must go back to the future.

She may need a map for her new landscape, New York City, but navigating through subways and boroughs isn’t as difficult as manoeuvring through the cutthroat undercurrent of competition that the Big Apple is known for. However, she’s no stranger to starting from scratch. In 2012 BOSCO liberated herself from all material bonds by selling everything; from her vehicle to her clothes, in order to fund her band’s tour and become a full time musician in her home city of Atlanta, GA. Fast forward to Summer ‘14, BOSCO decided that she would see what she could make of herself in NYC, “a leap of faith,” as she calls it, that not everyone is brave enough to take. For Bosco, moving from ATL to NYC was as easy as hopping in the DeLorean with Marty McFly.

BOSCO is now signed to Fool’s Gold Records, where she released ‘Names’, a colourful dance-hit produced by Treasure Fingers. Vogue called it a “sparklingly fresh take on the new wave of house music,” as the world famous publication woke the Internet with the song’s premiere. Having been in New York for less than a year, Bosco isn’t doing so bad. The singer/songwriter’s sound is a mixture of many things, from RnB to experimental pop, dipped in electronica. It’s hard to classify music when it’s infused with so many flavours.

On our first encounter with BOSCO, she emerged from a real-life teepee, which is hardly surprising once accustomed to her wacky ways. In constant motion, it’s rare to see BOSCO sitting down – not the typical stigma that comes with being from the slow-moving South. This year she directed her own video for ‘Cam4U’, after teaming up with New York singer/songwriter, Sene of denitia and sene, who produced the track. It’s clear that she is inspired by the nineties Hype Williams and Missy Elliot era, when the world first witnessed a female make a shiny, black trash bag look fly. She captures that aesthetic intuitively, constantly switching things up before we get too comfortable. “People need visuals, something tangible to hold on to,” she says. With a new EP set for release this Spring and an ever growing ambition, we can only sit back and watch her take off into the future.


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Photos by Arie Débor
Words by Kylah Benes-Trapp
Styling by Michelle Norris
Make Up by Jourdan Loving

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