What do you smell like right now?
Stale spliff.

How would your last partner sum you up in three words?
Owes me money.

What’s the most troublesome thing you did as a child?
Shoplift Pokemon cards from Hamley’s.

Who’s the weirdest celebrity you ever had a crush on?
The blue Avatar women.

Ever punched a stranger?
Yes, for throwing Mac D’s sauce on me.

What’s your most embarrassing fear?
Fingers in my belly button.

What sound do you hate?
The sound of house music.

Which character trait of yours do you hope your child doesn’t inherit?
Falling for these hoes.

What’s your favourite sea creature?
Mermaid, I’m tryna catch one.

The worst thing about drugs is…
They run out.


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Photo by Jimi Stay Hungry

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