Baseball is quite possibly the most intrinsically American sport and for decades the fashions tied to it have continued to seep into wardrobes worldwide. You could blame it on Americanisation, or globalisation, but the influence of hip hop artists, particularly in the nineties, can’t be denied.

Almost all of us can say we’ve either worn or lusted after a baseball jersey or letterman jacket of some variation at a point in time. As commonplace as collaborations have become in the fashion world, it’s great when one crops up that you’d either been hoping for, didn’t expect or even one that just makes a lot of sense. ICECREAM teaming up with baseball legends, Majestic falls under the more unique (at least for us Brits) yet seemingly common-sense category.

All clothing by ICECREAM x Majestic available from the anumberofnames.org store.

Photos by Ashley Verse
Styling by Lily Mercer
Make-Up by Courtney Hunte
Stylist Assistant: Alex Whitehouse
Models: Derrelle Goodhall, Jay Kirton + James Magee @ Select, Aaron Miller @ AMCK

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