The Italian veteran photographer talks Viper through his Wu-Tang photos. 

When were these pictures taken?

I shot these images during the summer of 2010 but I compiled the project, a hundred page newspaper zine called “Il Clan Del Wu,” in 2012. I like to let projects sit and look at them after years. It makes them even more special. A few of the many rolls I shot got fucked up during the development, which is why many frames are covered with acid stains and drops. But there’s nothing that Photoshop could do. At first I got pissed but then I embraced the fact that shooting with film gives you that margin of error that digital almost eliminated. Now I love all of those images and I wish that all the rolls got damaged!

What was the best received song at the show?

‘C.R.E.A.M.’ for sure.

How many times have you worked with Wu-Tang Clan?

I shot few a of them before, but never together like I did in Rome. Through friends in common from New York I got access to backstage and I had the chance to shoot from the stage for the whole show.

Who’s the most fun member?

I didn’t really have a chance to get that close, rather than with my camera. Literally this project was like a “one night stand,” even though some images are pretty intimate.

This is an extract from the Autumn/Winter14 Issue of Viper Magazine. Read more from the magazine here. Buy physical and digital copies here.


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