From Adidas to Moschino, we meet a new young designer to watch.

Ismini Krassismenou is a 25-year-old designer from North London who initially considered a career as an athlete before aptly turning her hand to sportswear design. Having previously worked for the likes of Adidas and Fresh Ego Kid, just over a month ago Izzy sat down with her friend Skepta and made a bucket hat from a pair of off key Moschino jeans that no longer fit the grime artist. The hat is now in demand from artists such as Chase and Status and Mosch gave the bucket their blessing. We talked to Izzy about re-working second-hand clothing and dancing around sewing machines to old-school garage.

You grew up in London. What do you think makes London style distinctive?
Living abroad has made me appreciate London. Londoners don’t care: wear what you want and do what you want is the attitude.

How would you describe your style?
One day I could wear some old-school Armani jeans that I robbed from my dad’s cupboard, the next day I’ll wear a black dress. I used a lot of 90’s imagery whilst designing for my latest projects. I love finding something in a charity shop. Fashion is just one big wheel of fortune; someone spins it, lands on a trend and forecasts it to the world.

You began your design career at Adidas. What were you doing there?
I worked at Adidas’ “world of sport” HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. I worked in the Adidas football department before moving into womenswear design where I began by designing the women’s kits for The World Cup. My FW14 stuff is in stores now.

Your training lies in sportswear design. Does that still impact your working process?
I left school the “tomboy” who wanted to be a PE teacher and I went to a football academy before I decided I wanted to do design. The processes of sportswear design are unique, we care more about the finer technical details. Every seam is placed exactly. I got to work with three top GB sprinters and you realise the slightest bag or tightness can affect their performance.

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Photo by Verena Stefanie Grotto
Words by Nellie Eden

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