1. What do you smell like right now?
My own personal mixture of PLAY by Givenchy and $5 White Linen which is an African Oil you get on the street.

2. How would your last partner sum you up in three words?
“A Fucking Asshole.” I would describe her as “A Fucking Whore,” so touché.

3. What’s the most troublesome thing you did as a child?
When I was a kid, I ran away from home on my skateboard with a screwdriver for protection.

4. Who’s the weirdest celebrity you ever had a crush on?
eXquire doesn’t crush, he fucks. Nah real talk, I don’t know, nothing too weird. Maybe Kathy Segal the lady who played Peggy Bundy on ‘Married With Children’. Is that weird though?

5. Ever punched a stranger?
Yes. A few times actually.

6. What’s your most embarrassing fear?
I’m afraid of Blackface, like the old racist ‘Minstrel Show’ shit. That creeps me out.

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Photograph by Jessica Lehrman.

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