Introducing the Chicago producer who has produced some of our favourite SaveMoney tracks.

1. Firstly, briefly introduce yourself. What’s your name? Where are you from? How would you describe your style of production?
My name is Smoko Ono AKA Flex Da, Situation. I’m from Chicago, Logan Square to be specific. I would say my style of production is feel-good, wet, tropical, space-trappin’, turn-up shit.

2. What would you say are the most popular beats you’ve created?
‘Feel That’ by Vic Mensa, ‘W$GTM’by Dally Auston, ‘Good Shit Talkin’ by Tris J featuring Sir Michael Rocks, ‘Pass the Flame’ by Jarred AG, Saba and Sterling Hayes’ and ‘False Gods’ by Jarred AG featuring YC The Cynic.

3. What is your favourite song you’ve worked on and why?
All the new shit I’ve been making; but it’s not out yet. From what’s released, hands down has to be ‘Feel That’. Vic and I were in the studio at like 2am and came up with the idea to make a turn-up track. Vic freestyles the whole thing and we were like, “Dammmmm! This shit is stupid hot.” The vibe and creative energy were there. Another reason I love it is because people go crazy at shows when they hear it.

4. Do you think that production software becoming more accessible to just anyone is a good or bad thing for music? Why is that?
I don’t think its a bad thing for music that software is becoming more accessible for people, because creating music is a beautiful thing and everyone should be able to experience that. It’s just what you do with that software, and if what you make is some hot shit. Competition is just gonna get tougher and artists really have to stand out with their own style.

5. What influences you as a producer?
What influences me as a producer is to see how many people hit me up saying they love my beats and all the positive feedback I receive. Also I would say the lifestyle of a producer/artist traveling the world with your friends is dope. Especially hearing your songs being played in front of sold out shows, or hearing people sing along to a song you produced when they barely speak English.

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Photos by Nolis.

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