Viper breaks down the characters in the Chicago collective, 2080…

2080 is the group you want to bring home to your parents. Not only are they talented musicians in their early twenties but they’re also genuine human beings who are giving the rap game a run for it’s money. They each have their own hopes and fears, their own perspectives on life that reflect in their music and daily battles. But when they work together as the BRKF$T CLUB under the 2080 banner, they’re only focused on “adding to perfection.”

2080 was born through a combination of Facebook messaging, a poetry slam, and trial by 16 bars. Encompassing the supergroup BRKF$T CLUB, 2080 is the larger collective formerly known as 2008ighties – they explain the relationship between the two entities the way TDE and Black Hippy is organized.

The whole camp includes Calez, Fonz-E Mak, Johnny St. Cloud, Legit, U.G., Julian Malone, Sani, DJ Oreo, Ren, and Angel. Ren and Angel are the “funny uncle and the quiet uncle,” or the managers. Outside of the studio, Sani is that “one cousin who comes to visit once a year who always has all the new games and systems.” But on the boards he’s the “villain” mastermind who sits behind his “evil finger pyramid of contemplation.”

Calez aka Ceito aka Kid With Raps, is the thought provoking member of the bunch who has no time for fear: “Nigga I don’t fear a got’ damn thing! …shout out my mama ‘n’em. So I fear not ‘cause I am of that of which I believe. Ya’ll don’t hear me, B!”
Fonz aka #WhiteChicksLoveRappers is disappointed with society’s abuse of the word “ratchet” and wants you to listen to Sani’s Retrograde. St. Cloud aka Trap House Johnny is on the nearly hopeless quest for a Polo Snow Beach jacket in his size and would add pre-Federline Brittany Spears to the crew if he could pick a singer. Legit aka “Girls love Beyoncé” set his New Year’s resolution to eat healthier only to demolish a pizza a few days into 2014 and has since moved onto the resolution of being a better husband to Beyoncé than Jay Z.

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Photo & Words by Ben Niespodziany 

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