Meet Piff Gang’s Milkavelli and his cat Gadget.

When did you and Gadget first meet?
The real story of when me and Gadget first met is when my cat, Tiptoes, gave birth to her. Then Tiptoes died and I had to nurse her. I’ve had Gadget since she was born.

When did you first become friends?
From birth, since she was born. I was nine.

What’s your favourite thing to do together?
Drink water out of fountains. She has the custom three-floor cat fountain, marble white. Killing it.

She’s like the Scarface of cats. Or the Monica Bellucci of cats.
She’s not like the Monica Bellucci of cats because I saw a rape scene in Irreversible and I would never wanna put my cat in that position. She’s like an Egyptian goddess.

Describe Gadget in three words.
Dank, peng and piff.

How would Gadget describe you in three words?
Papa, boo and bae.

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Photos by Maria Pizzeria

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